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Wireup Workpoints

Workpoints can be wired-up via:
  • A data point import.
  • Physically plugging into the data point or docking station and using the Wireup module.

In order to collect utilization data, it is crucial to ensure that all spaces have been wired-up correctly.

Wireup Workpoints via a Data Point Import

Before you complete this the switches must be imported. Refer to Switch Import.

If you have mappings from switch ports to desks, sometimes referred to as a patching schedule, then this can be imported instead of completing a manual audit. Refer to the Data Point Import. Send the data point import file to Serraview support team via the Serraview's File Upload.

Wireup Workpoints manually

Serraview's Wireup module allows non-technical auditors to quickly and accurately audit locations to connect (or "wireup") switch ports to their physical locations.


Use the following checklist to ensure you are ready to send your auditors out to wireup a space.

# Item

Space Types

Your System Administrator can make sure that the required space types display in the Wireup module and if needed hide any space types that do not need to be wired up. The setting called Show Space Type in Wireup check box can be used to show or hide space types in the Wireup module, refer to Add, Edit, or Delete the Space Types.


User Accounts

Set up the user accounts with the required user roles.

  1. Create the user accounts for the auditors, refer to the Wireup Workpoints – User Roles and Secured Actions.

Test the Wireup

Before you schedule the wireup, test the wireup of one desk per floor and switch (refer to Validate the floor’s switch details).

This will confirm you have a connection to the network ports and switches. Also, that you have access through the firewall.


Schedule the Audit

Project team schedules the audit team to complete the wire-up. When you schedule the wire-up make sure the audit team has:

  • Access to the network and site.
  • Serraview user account.
  • Laptop connected to the internal network and the Wireup module configured.
  • Completed an induction. This is an Occupational Health and Safely (OHS) requirement.
  • An ethernet cable.
  • Optional – USB ethernet adaptor.
  • Serraview's MAC Address Watcher installed.

Communications sent to Business Units

Project Team issues communications to the business units that may be disrupted by the audit.


Wireup Audit

Wireup process completed by Auditors.

  1. Auditor walks to each unlinked desk/space and connects the laptop via a docking station or ethernet cable.
  2. Auditor runs Serraview's MAC Address Watcher and Serraview's Wireup module to determine which switch port the MAC address of the laptop is currently connected to. Then they click on the floorplan where that data point is located, wiring up the data point / switch port to the location on the floorplan.

For more information, refer to the Wireup Workpoints Manually.