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Update Orphan Org Units

Let us guide you through how to update the Orphan Org Units.

Level: System Administrator

Org Unit Hierarchy changes often result in the creation of Orphan Org Units, which need to be updated by the System Administrator.

An Org Unit or cost center that no longer appears in the org hierarchy is deleted from Serraview when the next Org Unit Import is completed. The exception to this rule is where the missing Org Unit is referenced (linked) to one of the following:

  • Workpoint
  • Asset (Storage, Lockers & Carparks)
  • Person
  • Service Request

In this situation, the Org Unit (which may or may not have a cost center) is assigned a parent of "Orphan Org Units".
Orphan Org Units are also created when a parent Org Unit is missing from the org hierarchy, any child Org Units are automatically assigned a parent of 'orphan Org Unit'.

Orphan Org Units Impact on Serraview data

The following information explains the impact of Orphan Org Units on your Serraview data.





The association of people with an orphan cost center is normally short-term and temporary.

Resolved when the next person Import is completed. The import will contain the new arrangement of cost centers in the org hierarchy.

Service Requests

A Service Request may be instigated by or linked to someone who subsequently becomes a member of an orphaned cost center but the impact of this situation is minimal.
The name of this person remains in Serraview and the person continues to be associated with the Service Request, with their cost center displaying as 'Unknown'. Their cost center in the Service Request updates when their orphaned Org Unit has been corrected.

Resolved by managing the orphan Org Unit in the Configuration area or in the VBS.


Assets like car parks and storage may become associated with Orphan Org Units.

Resolved by migrating the Orphan Org Unit.


Sometimes workpoints are allocated to a cost center that becomes an orphan. This needs to be corrected to ensure the accuracy of VBS reporting.
System Administrators are responsible for actively managing any allocations associated with Orphan Org Units. You can check for any Orphan Org Units by reviewing the following:

  • The VBS displays Orphan Org Units.
  • In the Configuration > Recent Imports, review the Import logs.
  • In the Configuration > Org Units, review the Orphan Org Units tab.
  • Run the 36 Detailed Building Stack Report and filter to show only Orphan Org Units.
  • The summary of the Org Unit import results in a Zendesk ticket, this is only applicable where Serraview was sent the Org Unit import file via the File Upload tool, with a category of "OrgUnit", and a pre-processor exists to automatically process the file.

Resolved by managing the orphan Org Unit in the Configuration area or in the VBS.

Scenario Move Project or BOS Move Project

An old Move Project is using the orphan Org Unit.

Resolved by managing the orphan Org Unit in the Move Project.