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Workplace Portal Validation Reports

The Workplace module has a set of Quick Reports that can be run without having to go to the Serraview Reporting module.

Run Workplace Quick Reports

  1. Click the Workplace icon.
  2. Navigate to the location and if required select a team.
  3. Click the Quick Reports button.
  4. The quick reports display, select either:
    • Floorplan Block (Capacity and Opportunity).
    • My Workplace Occupancy Report.
  5. The report will briefly open in a browser tab and then download.

Other Validation Reports

You can view the reports via the Portfolio Manager > Reports tab.
The reports available are:


Report Name



1 Buildings Report

This displays a simple summary of workpoint allocation and occupation for buildings across the portfolio.


36 Detailed Building Stack Report

This report displays desks, areas, and workpoint sorted by building and floor. Filter by region, state, building or org unit to view allocation and occupation for a location or org unit. Use this report to view allocation and occupation for a location or org unit.


164 Manage Administrators Report

This report displays a list of all Team Administrators, their Admin Type, and the teams they manage. Use this report to locate teams without a Workplace Administrator and to determine teams that have not been validated. The audience for this report is the Space Data Manager.


215 Validation Summary Report

This report displays which teams have and have not been validated. Validation percentages are included for Org Units and Locations.
Participation rates can display an improvement when validation is working successfully. Use this report to facilitate discussion with the business by filtering by their Org Unit or Location. The audience for this report is the Space Data Manager and other Stakeholders e.g. Finance, Portfolio Managers, Head of Property.


246 High Level Building Stack (Capacity and Opportunity) Reports

This report provides a visual representation of allocation and occupancy that provides visibility on how closely a real estate portfolio is working to its capacity (and ratios if applicable) and how much opportunity exists.
Use this report to see the occupancy ratio of a floor, to find unallocated space at a floor level, and identify opportunities. If anomalies are observed here it may be a trigger to undertake an ad-hoc validation.