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Understand Scenario Plan Phases

Let us explain the multiple phases or single phase concepts and what happens when you sync your Scenario Plan with Live VBS data . Also, we will guide you through how to insert, delete, or make adjustments to phases.

When you need to plan for a large team move or re-organization, the Scenario Plan gives you the ability to split the move or re-organization into phases. A Corporate Real Estate team may find that a Scenario Plan is created from the following business needs: 

  • identification of poorly utilized space.
  • a lease ending.
  • a new building purchased.
  • increase or decrease of team numbers.
  • the shift into flexible Activity Based Working (ABW) environment.

Below describes:



The Scenario Plan assists you when moving teams, right-sizing teams, or bulk update of teams. You can create a Scenario Plan to include multiple phases (with a maximum of 10 phases).



Or it can have one phase


What happens when you sync a Scenario Plan with Live VBS data?

When the Sync with Live Data is completed then this sync will start at the first unpublished phase.