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Version 2.61 - July 2018 Release Notes

Notable Changes and New Features

Serraview's app for mobile devices is now branded with your company logo or name. Engage your employees with a branded workforce engagement tool. Developed to help your employees locate their colleagues and navigate their surroundings, the mobile version of our wayfinding application is now branded with your logo or company name. It will show prominently on the home screen until an employee starts typing in the search field or switches to a different screen. This is configured in Client Logo setting in the Locator Configuration's 'General' Section.


Minor Enhancements and Fixes

Space Optimization

Enhancement – Added a location selector to Space Mapping's Quick Search, which is visible in the Viewing perspective (Tools > Change Perspective > Viewing). This allows you to select a location to narrow your search to a location prior to typing in the search field. 


Fix – In Space Mapping you can delete mapped spaces or workpoints that are allocated to teams.

Fix – In Workplace, when you click on a person's desk from the People tab, this will now display the desk information.


Fix – In Workplace, the My Teams filter button now displays via Internet Explorer when navigating directly to a location via a URL, for example:


Fix – In Workplace the Team Details screen now correctly displays names with special characters. For example, O'Hara.

Fix – In Workplace, if the Administrator is only assigned to teams on one floor the Locator Selector (building and floor name) will display.


Enhancement – In BOS, the export report of the BOS churn sheet contains the name of the project in the file name. 


Fix – In Service Requests with 360Facility integration, creation of child work orders now uses 360Facility's auto-routing of assignees.

Enhancement – Serraview now has the ability to build a report to obtain a count of people in meeting rooms based on sensor data. 

Enhancement – Report 34 Workstation Detail Report contains Area and Description columns. 

Fix – Direct download of a report from the URL with the PDF output will download the report with the PDF extension.

Fix – When Report 22 Floorplan Block is run against a building, the legend now displays only the teams present on each floor.

Fix – In Portfolio Dashboard the Locations panel displays the Floors in a descending order.

Smart Environments

MLS 3.19

Enhancement – We added additional security enhancements to the Managed Location Service (MLS) application including:

  • The MLS Admin User Interface now has the capability of only being accessible by the server it resides on.
  • In addition to our Standard Encryption method, MLS can now support the RSA cryptosystem for stored credentials.
  • We provided additional audit logging of activity by MLS administrators.

Locator 6.8.0

Enhancement – When the Locator Kiosk has incorrect configuration in Serraview then the following message will display "The configuration for kiosk '[machine_name]' could not be found. Please ensure that a kiosk with this name exists and is correctly configured."

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