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View Labels

The floorplans display labels for workpoints, occupants, and space types.

From the VBS, complete the following:

  1. On the stack, select the floor.
  2. Click the toggle icon_right.pngicon to display the floorplan.

By default, the labels toggle is on and the labels display on the floorplan for the following:

  • Space Types - this is the name of the space type.
  • Name - this is the name of the workpoint.
  • Occupant - this is the name of the team member.

You can change the display to see the space types.

  1. From the VBS toolbar, click the Labels icon.
  2. Uncheck the Name and Occupant check boxes.
  3. Check the Space Types checkbox. The space types display on the floorplan.
  4. If needed, you can change font sizeThe default size is 12 and the minimum size is 2 and the maximum size is 48.

display labels.gif