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View Building and Floor Statistics

For building and/or floor you can view by default the statistics, either:

  • workpoints and opportunity or the
  • workpoints and unoccupied. 

View Building Statistics

From the VBS complete the following:

  1. Use the Location Selector to select a building.
  2. By default the building clipboard_ea73b6614c801b1ccb7d805a4b73d87bc.png icon is selected and the Information Panel displays the building statistics.

The workpoints and the opportunity for a building display at the top right-hand side of the toolbar.


In the above example:

  • 1328 is the workpoints and this shows the number of total workpoints for the building.
  • 772 is the opportunity and this shows the total opportunity (calculated as the capacity minus the number of assigned people and retained (occupied) desks).

To show the Capacity and Opportunity statistics in the VBS this is a configuration setting.

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > System Config > General > VBS.
  2. Check the Use Capacity and Opportunity checkbox.

If you want to display the Workpoints and Unoccupied statistics, then uncheck the Use Capacity And Opportunity checkbox. This changes the VBS to display the building statistics as:


In the above example:

  • 1328 is the workpoints and this shows the number of workpoints for the building
  • 457 is the unoccupied and this shows the number of unoccupied and retained (unoccupied) workpoints for the building.

View Floor Statistics

Click on the floor number to view the statistics about the floor, this displays in the Information panel.

To the right of each Floor Stack, there are two numbers of importance:

  • The top number in bold text represents the total workpoints on the floor.
  • The gray number below represents the opportunity for the floor, which factors in ratio and the number of unoccupied workpoints.