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Renumbering Spaces

The renumbering tool allows you to adjust the numbering of spaces quickly and efficiently.

From the Spaces module, complete the following:

  1. Click the Edit Floor button.
  2. In the Spaces toolbar, click the Renumbering Tool image2021-4-6_12-38-4.png icon.
  3. From the Select a Space Type selector, either browse to a space type or search for a space type. For example, Desk: Standard.
  4. From the Number Format drop-down, select the Number Format you want to use.
  5. In the Count field, enter the number you want to start the renumbering from.

The Actual Labels displays an example of the label using the Number Format and Count.

6. For the spaces that are to be renumbered, click the space(s) in sequential order. The count will increase consecutively after each space renumbered.

7. Click the Publish Changes button.

renumbering spaces.gif

While it is recommended to have a limited number of numbering formats within your buildings to maintain consistency across the portfolio, your Serraview Administrator can create a new numbering format if required. 

The Number Format templates can be updated in the Space Type Hierarchy's Name Templates, refer to Name Templates in Add, Edit, or Delete the Space Types.