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Eptura Knowledge Center

Email Troubleshooting

Level: System Administrator
The following troubleshooting articles will help you diagnose and solve problems.



Email file size

The file size limit is 10MB and this configuration is global and set by Serraview Infrastructure.

Email recipient is not receiving the email.

If the email's recipient is not receiving email, then check the following:

  • Double check if the email address was correct. It may have been sent to the wrong email address.
  • There may be a firewall that has blocked the email sent.
  • The email be caught in an email filter set up.
  • Check the spam mailbox as it may have been treated as a spam email.

UAT Environment and Emails

The UAT Environment will have the Email Requires Confirmation setting turned on and this will set all emails to Pending.

For more information, refer to Email Configuration on the UAT Environment.

You can't send emails.

If an email is not sent, then you will find it in the Email Outbox, and it will be marked as Pending, refer to Send an email from the Production Environment.

The email may not send for the following reasons:

  • Does the person have an email address? If an automated import is being used to update people data then any manual updates made to people data, such a updating an email address, will be updated and removed next time the automated import happens. It is recommended that the source of the people feed is updated rather than editing Serraview directly.
  • Check if a secured action exists for this email and make sure the secured action is available in the user role, refer to Email Security.
  • Make sure the Template is enabled, refer to Disable or delete an Email Template.