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Understand the Campus Chargeback

When you use the Campus Chargeback you can chargeback to a common campus area across all of the teams in the region.

A campus is defined as:

  • a campus relates to a building's immediate parent region only
  • a campus in Serraview is a group of buildings under their immediate parent. 

In this example, the Building 2 has the Campus charge rule set for a space and this will make the parent region for the campus, Georgia.

Parent Region Region Building
No Parent (this is the top region) All Buildings  
All Buildings North America  
North America United States  
United States Georgia  
United States Illinois  
United States California  
Georgia Atlanta

Building 1

Building 2 (Charge rule set)

Building 3

Illinois Chicago Building 4
California San Francisco

Building 5

Building 6

The charge rules are called Campus Common All and Campus Common Internal.