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Configure the Workplace Roles for Invitation

Level: System Administrator

When a Workplace Manager or Workplace Administrator (Workplace Validator) is sent an email invitation then a default security role will be assigned to their Serraview user account.

The Security Role will display in the following dialogs.

  • Manage Admins > Workplace Administrators dialog.


Access Profiles > Add Workplace Access Profile dialog


If you set up a different secured role for your Workplace Manager and/or Workplace Administrator, you will need to include the secured role ID in the Roles For Invitation setting.

Step 1. Find the secure role ID

  1. Navigate to Resources > User Security.
  2. Click the Roles icon_roles.png icon.
  3. In the Search field, search for the role.
  4. Write down the role's ID number.

For example:

The default secured roles for invitation are:

  • 4500 - Workplace Validator
  • 4501 - Workplace Manager


You can change the Workplace Validator role's name to Workplace Administrator. 

  1. Click the Workplace Validator role's name and the role form displays.
  2. In the Role Name field, enter Workplace Administrator.
  3. Click the Update Role button to save.

Step 2. Update the Roles For Invitation setting

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > System Config > General > Profile Administration.
  2. In the Roles For Invitation field, enter the secured role ID. If there is more than one ID then use the comma to separate the IDs and no spaces.

For example:


3.Click the Update button.

For example:


Now, you will see in Workplace the security roles.