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Custom Reports

Serraview Only Configuration

There's a lot of data held within Serraview, so there are many opportunities to be found in your portfolio. When you investigate and ask questions, you can unlock the possibilities.

We already have a wide range of standard reports available to you. These reports will contain the answers to your questions and you can explore the standard reports against your data. The reports are listed and described in Accommodation Reports List and General Reports List. Or the utilization reports in Utilization Reports List for Badge Swipe Data and Utilization Reports List for SVLive and Sensor Data.

But what if you find the standard reports are only telling part of the story and you need more answers to convince the decision makers or to spark inspiration in your Leadership Team that leaves them thinking WOW ...

You can arrange to have the report to be customized to extract data or floorplans, set up new report dashboards (including charts, floorplans, and statistics), and reports can be automated.

Contact your Customer Success Manager, who will organize a scoping session with our Technical Expert, to turn your ideas into gold!