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What's Next in Serraview

Article Updated: September 27th

Here's what we are working on in Serraview:

Continuous Release

The release cycle is described in Serraview Release Management Engage Release Management, and Insights Release Management.

Now - In Development

Area Enhancement Status
Serraview API Public API Gateway (People and Organization) DEVELOPMENT
SVLive SVLive with additional Citrix RDA support and Juniper Switches support DEVELOPMENT
Serraview Reports New and improved standard reports DEVELOPMENT

Serraview Insights

  • Dashboards


  • Regions Breakdown Dashboard
  • Regions Stack Dashboard
  • SVLive Troubleshooting Dashboard
  • SVLive Behavior Details Look

Later - Subject To Change

Area Enhancement Status

Serraview Insights

  • Dashboards


  • Meeting Room Bottlenecks (Advanced) Dashboard

We Love Your Feedback

Usability Enhancements

We're on a continuous journey to make Serraview simpler, easier & more approachable.  We keep a keen eye on Usability ideas in UserVoice to make this happen. 

Got an idea ... let us know

We would like to hear from you, our customers, on what’s important to you so we can build features that will address your corporate estate needs and provide a delightful user experience.

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