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Space's View Only Mode and Edit Mode

The Spaces module contains a View Only mode which can be used to investigate the floorplan and if you have the secured action then you use the Edit Floorplan mode. 


View Only Mode

The View Only displays by default and lets you safely investigate the floorplan without accidentally making changes.

When in this mode, you can complete the following:

Edit Floor Mode

If you have the secured action to edit, then click the Edit Floor to enable the toolbars and editing. As you make changes the Spaces module will prompt you to publish your changes and if you make an invalid change a warning message will display.

If you are using Serraview’s Floorplan Importer, new spaces must be created in your CAD file and then uploaded. Do not use the Spaces module to create them. Also, do not edit shapes as this will interfere with the floor's ability to be exported and imported from AutoCAD in the future.

If you are unsure if you are using Floorplan Importer, then check with your System Administrator.

When in this mode, you can complete the following: