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2024 April Serraview Product Release

April's release includes:

  • Email Attachment - File Size Message Enhancement
  • General Maintenance

Released April 27th

Email Attachment - File Size Message Enhancement

When you upload an email attachment, now, the dialog displays the message “The maximum allow file size is 24MB.”


General Maintenance

  • Floorplans that are uploaded as Non-VBS, now show the correct area.
  • Org unit import failing in an edge case, and this has now been fixed.
  • Workpoint import now successfully changes the charge rule.
  • Occupancy Import - The import logic now includes checks to make sure there are no duplicate persons generated within the team.
  • Users sometimes log into an empty home screen with no modules until they refresh the browser; this has been fixed.
  • 344 VBS Exceptions Report - The report’s schema has been fixed and the report is now working.
  • Lockers, Storage, and Parking modules - The sort by Location was all in a spin when searching; this has fixed this.