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Space's Quick Reports

The Spaces module contains quick reports that can be run without having to go to the Serraview Reporting module.

Run the Quick Reports

From the module complete the following:

  1. Use the Location Selector to select the building and floor.
  2. Adjust your space view.
  3. Click the Reports icon.


4. Click the quick report. Your report will be run.

5. Click the Reports queue clipboard_e9d211f1d1f2deb4054d56d323778905b.png icon. The recently run reports display.

6. Click the report name and it is download to your device.

7. When it is downloaded, you can open the report and view its content.

The reports available for this module are:


Report Name


22 22 Floorplan Block Report Floorplan Block Report is the most commonly used floorplan reports. It provides a visually effective view of floor blocking, and can be colored at any level of the Organizational Unit Hierarchy.


67 Space Report

Show one or more Space Types in different colors on the floorplan.

The Information clipboard_ea5814f58e3b80493b35927b8cb380381.png icon contains the report parameters.


The quick reports are configurable by your System Administrator. They can choose different reports to run and the parameters set on each report for maximum benefit for your business. 
For information on setting up the quick reports, refer to Quick Reports.