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Add or Remove a Person's Photo

Level: System Administrator

Your System Administrator can manually update the person's photo. Or they can set up the Person Import's Image URL field to import in bulk the images, for more details see Add Photography for Employees and Spaces and the Requirements for People Data.

To update the person, complete the following:

  1. Navigate to Resources > People Directory.
  2. Search for the person.
  3. Click the person. The Edit Person tab displays.
  4. Either upload an image or set up the image's URL.

Upload Image

  1. The File option button is selected by default.
  2. Click the Choose File button.
  3. Navigate and select the image.
  4. Click the Update Person button.

Set the Image's URL

  1. Click the Url option button.
  2. In the Upload File field, enter the URL to the image. For example,
  3. Click the Update Person button.

To remove the image, click the Remove button.