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Check the BOS Occupant's Allocation

After you have updated the occupant's To Location in the BOS Move Data screen you can check the allocation using the BOS Move Desk Allocation screen.

From the BOS Move Data screen:

  1. Click the BOS Move Desk Allocation clipboard_e9fe9f65ca5cd7bd308dd2d971fb7961e.png icon. The BOS Move Desk Allocation screen displays.
  2. Using the Location Selector field, navigate to a building and floor. The floorplan displays.
  3. On the floorplan, click the Legend icon to display the legend.
  4. Click the Hide allocation people button to display all the people.
  5. Navigate the floorplan to the  allocated workpoint.

In this example, the workpoint 03-062 has two occupants, Christopher and Evan.


You can correct the occupant's workpoint.

5. Navigate the floorplan to the workpoint you want to assign the occupant to.

6. From the BOS Occupant list, drag and drop an occupant to the workpoint

In this example, Christopher is moved from 03-062 and now is the occupant of workpoint 03-061.

check box occupant allocation.gif