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Add Team allocation based on the Occupant's Cost Center

If you have a floorplan that has workstations with occupants you can use the Paint Occupant tool to block the workstations to the occupant's cost center.

From the VBS complete the following.

  1. Navigate to the floorplan with occupied workstations with no blocking.


2. Click the Paint Occupant icon_paint_occupant.png icon.

3. Either:

  • block one allocatable workstation at a time OR 
  • click and drag over a large allocatable area.

The blocking is changed to the occupant's team based on their cost center. 

If the workstation contains the following:

  • Multiple occupants then you will need to manually allocate the team.
  • Unknown occupant then the allocation is to the Unknown Cost Center.
  • If the occupant does not have a cost center then no allocation is set.
  • If the team does not exist on the floorplan then create a new team.

paint occupant.gif