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Change Flexible Team's Target Ratio

Remember the default target ratio is set in Portfolio and the Building or Floor and you can learn more in Set the Target Ratios. These are set by your System Administrator however you can change the target ratio for a Flexible Team in bulk or for a single team.

Change the Target Ratio for a Single Flexible Team

From the VBS complete the following:

  1. On the stack, select the Flexible Team.
  2. Double click the team. The Update Team form displays.
  3. Uncheck the Target Ratio's Default checkbox.
  4. In the Target Ratio field, enter the team's target ratio.
  5. Click the Update Team button.

Change the Target Ratio for Multiple Flexible Teams

If you want to update the target ratio for multiple flexible teams then you will need to create a Scenario Plan and use the Change Target Ratio bulk update tool to update the teams and then publish the Scenario Plan to live.

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