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Update a Workpoint's Team Allocation

Workplace Administrators can be responsible for the allocation of the workpoint to a team.

Your security access may restrict the ability to remove your own team's allocation from a workpoint or acquire workpoints from other teams. If you are unable to update team allocations, then contact your Corporate Real Estate team to discuss your security settings.

Change a team's allocation

You can remove a team using the Workpoint dialog.

  1. Click the Workplace icon.
  2. Select a location.
  3. If you have multiple teams, click the My Teams button to only view your teams.
  4. In the Teams list, click on your team name. The team members will highlight on the floorplan with a yellow circle on their workpoints.
  5. Click on a workpoint on the floorplan to display the Workpoint dialog.

For example, the Auditing Services (1123) team is allocated to workpoint W.4.001.


6. In the Team field and click the X icon to the right of the allocated team name.


After an existing team is removed, you are automatically presented with the list of the other teams allocated to the floor.

From the Allocate to team field, you can allocate team, via:

  • from the list select another team on the floor.
  • enter in the team name or cost center and then select the team from the results. This option is useful when there are many teams on the floor.

Unallocate a team

  • Leave the workpoint unallocated, click off the workpoint. The Workpoint dialog will close and the workpoint will display gray as an Unallocated Workpoint.