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SVLive Wireup Maintenance

During implementation, the Serraview Wireup module is used to map an ethernet port at a desk to an x, y location on floorplan.

Change Management - Change to Access Level Switches

When an Access Level Switch is re-patched, a floor is re-fit, or a new floorplan is imported into Serraview, the ethernet port’s x, y positions will have changed.

You will need to complete the Wireup again in the areas of the floorplan that have changed. For more information, refer to Wireup Workpoints Manually.

Change Management - Switches: Trunked, Series, or Passthrough

In some rare cases, the physical configuration of the Switch hardware can cause some data inaccuracies. Specifically in the case that an Access Level Switch is patched into another Access Level Switch.

If this issue is encountered, we can help troubleshoot the issue to isolate the affected desks. From there, a specific Wireup workflow can be performed on the affected desks, to attempt a resolution.

Alternatively, if the Network Management team can improve the patching of the affected Switch(es) that resolves the issue at the root cause.

Contact the Serraview Support team if you become aware of Switches that are patched into other Switches in the manner described.