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Daily Building Use by Persons Bitmap (Badge Data) Dashboard

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Daily Building Use by Persons Bitmap (Badge Data) Dashboard


The Daily Building Use Bitmap (Badge Data) dashboard visualizes person-level attendance history to help facilitate detailed space management approaches for individual buildings. The ‘bitmap’ style visualization helps managers identify attendance patterns in two dimensions:

  • by individuals
  • by day of week

Filters support focusing investigations into use by presumed workpoint use (by duration of occupancy) and by type of occupant (resident, non-resident, unknown, and visitor).

This dashboard complements other badge data dashboards and reports, including 223 Badge Swipe Building Utilization Report.

Special Filters

  • Person Type filter - Allows inclusion/exclusion of any/all of the following:

    • Building Resident - one whose primary location assignment is to a space or team allocated to the building.

    • Non-Resident - a person assigned to space in another building.

    • Unknown - there is no data by which to determine the occupant’s identity or primary location.

    • Visitor - a person from outside the organization visiting the facility.

  • Building is Active filter - Show only buildings that are currently online and managed in Serraview (default = Yes), optionally include archived/inactive buildings for analysis.


  • Requires badge/swipe attendance data for a building for the selected date range.


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