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Assign the Occupant's To Location via BOS Desk Allocation

A common task the Migration Manager will complete is to update the Moving To column with the workpoint of the (occupant) person who is moving.

If you do not know the occupant's workpoint you can assign it on the floorplan.

Assign Occupant a Workpoint

From the BOS Move Data screen:

  1. Click the BOS Move Desk Allocation clipboard_e752b430061ffc579625967d6199ba5a0.png icon. The BOS Move Desk Allocation screen displays.


2. Using the Location Selector field, navigate to a building and floor. The floorplan displays.

3. On the floorplan, click the Legend icon to display the legend.

4 Navigate the floorplan to the required workpoint.


5. From the BOS Occupant list, drag and drop an occupant to the workpoint.

assign the occupant via floorplan.gif

6. Repeat step 5 to assign other BOS Occupants to workpoints.

Workpoint Status

The floorplan will display the following workpoint status.

Icon Status




Desk Available


BOS Occupant Assigned


Warning Multiple Occupants