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Add Fixed Team using Auto Stacking

You can create Fixed Teams on the block and stack the Auto Stacking tool which combines the blocking and stacking functions. 

It is strongly recommended that stacking or blocking be done at Team Level. Using the lowest possible level in the structure as the foundation of the block and stack enables reporting and communication across all levels of the business and is particularly useful when doing scenario planning. 

Add Fixed Teams to the Stack and Block

Step 1. Add the Fixed Team with no workpoints

  1. Using the Location Selector field, navigate to a building.
  2. From the Legend, click the Group By drop-down, select Team Level.
  3. From the Information Panel, click the Teams tab.
  4. Click the Add icon. The Add Team form displays.
  5. Complete the following fields on the Summary tab:
    • In the Name field, enter the name of the team OR leave blank to use the Org Unit name.
    • From the Org Unit drop-down, select the organization unit.
    • From the Location drop-down, select the building and floor.
    • In the Workpoints field, leave the default value of 0When you use the Auto Stacking tool this field must be the default value of 0.
    • From Working Style option button, select Fixed.
  6. Click the OK button. This places a small team stack on the floor.

Step 2. Block the Fixed Team with the Auto Stacking tool on

Use the paint tools to block the team.

  1. On the VBS Blocking toolbar, make sure Auto Stacking icon is turned on icon_auto_stacking_toggle_on.png.
  2. From the stack, select the team you just created.
  3. Use the VBS Blocking Toolbar's Painting tools to block the floor. As you block space on the floorplan you will see the stack grow alongside your blocking.