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Add a retention status to a fixed team's workpoint

Retention Statuses are used to communicate with the Corporate Real Estate team when you are unable to place an individual's name against a desk. For example, you may have some workpoints being used by contractors and as their names are not in the Serraview People List, you still want to retain the desks within your team's allocation. Also, Retention Statuses can only be added for workpoints allocated to Fixed teams. They cannot be added to Flexi teams or unallocated workpoints.

Retention statuses are predominantly used by Workplace Administrators using Workplace, but are also available within the VBS. For more information, refer to Retention Statuses.

  1. Click the Workplace icon.
  2. If you have multiple teams, click My Teams to only view your teams. For Fixed teams, your view defaults to Workpoints.
  3. Click on your team name in the left panel.


4. In the Workpoints view, all workpoints that require action are displayed with a red badge next to the workpoint name list. Click a workpoint in the list on the left to zoom in and see the workpoint form for the selected workpoint.

5. Select an option from the Retention Status list.


6. In the Please Enter Reason field, enter comments.

7. Click away from the form to close it. Your workpoint is now valid and is colored green.


To remove a person or retention reason from the Person / Status area, click the x to the right of the retention status.