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Confirm Occupancy

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Confirm Occupancy

Add and remove Occupants to Desks

You can update occupancy information for your teams. When the information is updated, the floorplan and Excel reports are available from this page and they will automatically be updated to reflect the changes.

  1. Navigate to Validation > My Workplace.
  2. In the Confirm Occupancy page in the Staff List area, from the Show (first drop down) select My Workpoints. In the second drop down the buildings where your teams are located displays.
  3. From the Show (second drop down) select a building.
  4. From the Show (third drop down) select a floor.
  5. Optional - In the Search field enter either a workpoint, org unit or person and click the Search button. The Workpoints/Occupant(s) for which you are a business org unit rep displays.
  6. For the relevant Workpoint/Occupant click the Edit link. The line expands to displays the add or remove occupant.


7. You can either:

  • Add - In the line below the Occupant, enter in the occupant's name. Serraview will suggest occupants from its directory. When the occupant displays, click their name. A warning message may display "User Exits at Other Location(s)", select either the Move button to move the person or the All button to have them exist at all locations.
  • Remove - Click the Remove worddava6f33f6c9153c2951e6a62e550604f5b.png icon. The occupant is removed.

8. Optional - In the Comments field, enter a comment.

9. Click the Save icon.

Confirm Occupancy Information

After you have validated the occupancy information for your team(s), you must confirm with the Corporate Real Estate team that the data is correct.

  1. In the Confirm Occupancy page scroll down to the Confirmation area. This displays each team on the floor, their Business Unit Representatives, allocated desks and occupants and the user who last confirmed the team.


2. In the Select checkbox tick to select your team(s).

3. Click Confirm. Your team(s) are now validated, and your name and the time and date of validation displays in the Last Confirmed column.

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