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2024 January Serraview Product Release

January's release includes:

  • File Upload Error Message Enhancement
  • Files uploaded into Serraview modules Enhancement
  • Space Type list to in Alphabetic Order

Released January 20th

File Upload Error Message Enhancement

When you upload a file to Serraview we have improved the feedback so you will know when an uploaded file doesn't create a support ticket.


Files uploaded into Serraview modules Enhancement

When you upload file to the different modules of Serraview, such as Service Request, File Upload, or Imports, we will make sure that validation checks are completed for the maximum file size and that no executable files (exe) are uploaded.

Space Type list to in Alphabetic Order

In the Space form, you will see that the Space Type list is now in alphabetic order. This will make it easier to find the space type you want.


Learn more about the form, see Space Details Form.

General Maintenance

  • 29 Floorplans - When you generate the report as a PNG, now it will generate the PNG.
  • 299 Archive Candidate Report - The Archive if not present in import? column now displays the correct information.
  • People Directory - The Preferred Name will be hidden from the Person form.
  • Org Unit Import - This import now deletes the unreferenced orphan org units so you don’t have to do this manually.
  • Orphan Org Units - When you set an Orphan Org Unit to Unknown this setting remains after you have completed the Org Unit Import.
  • Engage - All Day Desk Reservation setting - The setting was being ignored which was annoying; this has been fixed.
  • Workplace Admin 
    • When you filter for Never Validated and then send a bulk email out, this now sends out the email.
    • The format of the Workplace Admin: Assignment Notification (New User) and Workplace Admin: Assignment Notification (Existing User) has been corrected.
    • Custom Field- The Asset Custom Field creation for Entity - Single and Entity - Multi Select data types is now working.
  • Space Module 
    • The Custom Field View that has a default value set now displays correctly.
    • Polygon spaces that do not allow occupants but are allocated to a flexible team or neighborhood display with the entire polygon filled in as gray, their triangle point displays in the center of the space, with the label beneath. Yes, that is what you normally would see but the polygon spaces and labels were a bit askew, so we have fixed this to display correctly.
  • Building & Floors Module - When you display a floor and then refresh the browser, a white screen displays like looking out the window into a snow storm. We have fixed this and the floor displays.
  • Space Hierarchy - Now you can select and de-select the Use Default Mapping Color checkbox and successfully save the setting.
  • Service Request - When the Service Request is approved, you will see a blue tick next to the approver’s name. The screenshot below shows an example.