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2024 June Serraview Product Release

June's release includes.

Report Enhancements

Released June 22nd


The following are the new Import Reports:


The following Import Reports have been updated:

  • 141 Workpoint Properties Report - The following columns have been added: Is Flexi, Reservable From, and Reservable To.
  • 343 People and Desks with LDM Data Report - The following columns underwent alterations, such as changes in attributes like highlight color or size: Building, Floor, Workpoints, Village, Preferred Name, New Workpoint Name, Space Type, Charge Rule, and Allocation Organization Unit. 
  • 354 Person Import with Attributes Report - The following columns were added: Tags, Booking Allowed, Opt-Out of Engage, Archive if Not in Import, and Booking Allowed.

Building Settings values display Enhancement

Released June 22nd

We have changed the user interface to display the setting values when the Global setting is enabled; previously the setting values displayed as blank. This will display for the following settings:

  • Future Building Limit (in weeks)
  • Concurrent Desk Booking Limit
  • Concurrent Space Booking Limit





Learn more about the settings in the following articles:

General Maintenance

Released June 22nd

  • Engage - When the Health Declaration setting is turned off, then you will not see the title as “Health Declaration” in the email check-in notification.
  • Spaces Module - The Location Section drop-down now displays the correct sort order.
  • Block & Stack (VBS) Module - When you want to add multiple people to a team, you can now add up to 10 people at once. Learn how to add multiple people to a team, see Add, Move, or Remove People in the Fixed or Flexible Teams.
  • People Directory - The Opt-out of Engage and Opt-out of SVLive check boxes are now fixed and you can now opt a person out.
  • 22 Floorplan Block Report - The legend was not differentiating teams with the same name, this has been fixed.
  • 346 Audit History Report - This report has been fixed and working as expected.