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2024 February Engage Product Release

February's release includes:

  • Responsive Design Enhancements
  • Color Enhancements
  • Other Fixes and Improvements

Responsive Design Enhancements

Released February 5th

The floor plan load times have been improved and we have polished the text alignment of several screens.

Color Enhancements

Released February 5th

The floor plan colors are slightly different, and the one exception is for a selected space which is now a light blue.

  • Available Green - different shade of green
  • Occupied Navy - different shade of navy
  • Sensor Amber - different shade of amber
  • Selected space(s) - it was highlighted green and now it will be a light blue

clipboard_e7e75661470182aad2e8c3447198d430c.png    clipboard_e20667a74341fea1c7f5d96aaa7d6e315.png    

Other Fixes and Improvements

Released February 5th

  • Numerous performance enhancements.
  • General bug fixes to keep things running smoothly.