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Troubleshoot Portfolio Accuracy

When the “Walking the Floor” activity is completed and any issues found are resolved now you can complete the Portfolio Accuracy validation. This validation is looking at Trend Exception Reports to reconcile Badge vs SVLive data, for example, you can look into what percentage of users have badged into a building and then seen in the SVLive data for that day?

In scope

  • Data accuracy at scale.


  • It is important that all previous Validation checks are passed.
  • Serraview Presence Service (SPS) rolled out to the entire Building.
  • Several days of data from both Badge and SVLive to run data comparison.

Trend Exception Validation


Identify any significant gaps between Badge swipes into the building and the total of users seen in SVLive, for any given building.

Check the Insights for Exceptions

An alternative method of validation is to retrospectively view the SVLive dashboards and reports in Insights. To learn more about using Insights Dashboards, see Insights Dashboards Quick Start.


  • SVLive data can be up to 24 hours delayed from appearing in Insights. So when you are validating the data will be at least 24 hours old (day before yesterday).
  • Remember for each dashboard to set the report filter to your building and floor.

Utilization Compliance & Combined Utilization Summary 

Validation Use: Low or high number of users compared to the expected number of results. 

A useful quick snapshot of the total number of users active at a site and the source of data that detected them. 

  • Orange – SVLive (Users were detected only via SVLive activity). 
  • Green – Booking & SVLive (Users made a booking in Engage and were then detected on site via SVLive activity). 
  • Purple – Booking only (Users made a booking in Engage, but were not detected on site via SVLive activity). 
  • Pink – SVLive & Badge (Users were detected via SVLive activity and via building badge entry data). 

Use this dashboard to review trends in overall data, and a quick count of the number of people detected on site. 

The table at the bottom of the report includes unique individual data detected to assist in investigating any errors. Refer to the instructions below to review more than 500 rows of data in a report. 

Learn more about the dashboards in the articles Utilization Compliance Dashboard and Combined Utilization Summary Dashboard.

SVLive Troubleshooting Dashboard

Validation Use: Pre-emptively identify desks, users, and switches that may have issues that need resolution.

Learn about the dashboard in the article SVLive Troubleshooting Dashboard.

SVLive Building and Floor Utilization Dashboard 

Validation use: Review site trends and then workpoint level of data, down to the number of minutes of activity recorded within an hour. 

  • Default filter will only show desks with >120 minutes of activity in a day, change this to a smaller timeframe to troubleshoot specific days and desks. 
  • Resident is a user mapped to that site within the Block & Stack (VBS). 
  • Someone can appear in multiple locations within 1 day, so it is possible for the total (Busiest Day People) to be less than the sum of Residents and Non-Residents. 

Learn about the dashboard in the article SVLive Building and Floor Utilization Dashboard.

End of Day Cleaning Task List Dashboard 

Validation Use: Visualize desks reporting SVLive activity.

Learn more about the dashboard in the article End of Day Cleaning Task List Dashboard.

Download Insights Dashboards and Reports

Insights reports with tables will only display up to 500 rows of data within the dashboard page. To download more than 500 rows of data into excel or CSV for more details, see this article Download a Single Table.