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2013 May, April & February Release Notes

May 2013 Release Notes

New Features and Changes

We have built an administration area for the Workplace Portal. From this area you can now allocate administrators, run reports and provide access.

Advanced Filtering is now provided in a consistent way across the product. Over the next few months these will all be easily configurable.

BOS grids are highly configurable. Previously they were desk focused. BOS now smoothly supports team moves also.

BOS can now be configured to contain multiple grids. Have a grid for the people moving, have another to track team related information, create another for Utility Bays.

April 2013 Release Notes

New Features and Changes

BOS Supports Phase changes and people merging

Custom Field Editor is now available from the configuration section

Lockers are no longer just for people, they can now be allocated to teams


Performance enhancements to the VBS

Move Projects can now accurately revert moves if they are circular

Fixed SQL timeout issue that was impacting some clients

February 2013 Release Notes

New Features and Changes

Configurable Quick Report drop down added to most modules

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