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Floor Plan Toolbar

The floor plan view in Information Mode on Space Desktop contains a toolbar which includes:

  • clipboard_ef9309e89ea82671f0f9a33ac81d50e52.png Zoom in
  • clipboard_e5671242ce9fcd6bb9aea4c253a7511a7.png Zoom out
  • clipboard_e8fd6a3eca23d535320cb65217fdbeac9.png Cube
  • clipboard_e577ceeba22edaeae229a2f306391e941.png Rotate
  • clipboard_e336e6eb0e83aa2a7089b2b22da6df8cf.png Print
  • clipboard_e0528eb3d000fb143e8bf771b4ceb69e2.png Text View Options
  • clipboard_e7efcede004638b52ac1bb918944af48c.png CAD Layers

Move the Floor Plan

  • Use the cursor to click on the floor plan and then drag the floor plan to move around the floor plan.

Zoom In and Out of the Floor Plan

It is easy to adjust the size of your floor plan, either use the toolbar icons or the mouse scroll wheel.

Use the toolbar icons to zoom in and out of the flor plan.

  • Click the Zoom in Plus.jpg icon will zoom into the floor plan and to zoom out click the Zoom out Minus.jpg icon.

Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in or to zoom out on a floor plan.

  1. Point your cursor on the area you want to zoom in to.
  2. Use the mouse's scroll wheel to scroll forward.
  3. When zoomed in, use the cursor to click and drag your way around the floor plan.
  4. To zoom out, use the mouse's scroll wheel to scroll backwards.

zoom in out pan.gif

2D and 3D Floor Plan View

Click the Cube clipboard_e8fd6a3eca23d535320cb65217fdbeac9.png icon to view the floor plan in 3D and then click the Cube disable clipboard_e619319cb7b2fff592921733d816834ea.png icon to change it back.

view 3d and 2d.gif

Rotate Floor Plan

Click the Rotate clipboard_e577ceeba22edaeae229a2f306391e941.png icon to rotate the floor plan clockwise.

rotate floor plan.gif


When you have the building's floor open in the Space Desktop you will see the floor plan. You must click the Print clipboard_e336e6eb0e83aa2a7089b2b22da6df8cf.png icon and then read Print a Floor Plan in Space Desktop to learn about Standard Printing and Compact Printing.


Remember any adjustments made here will not be reflected in the print screen.

The Text View Options icon allows you to choose what information displays on the Space Desktop.

  1. Click the Text View Options Text_Options.jpg icon.


  1. By default, the Compact View toggle is ON to auto-scale the text such as Space Name, Occupants, or Space Type to fit within the boundary of a space’s polyline. When you toggle this on then the settings for Allow Text Overlap toggle and Text Size options button are hidden.

The Compact View can be turned off and then you can adjust te text size manually.

  1. Click the Compact View toggle to OFF.


  1. Click a Text Size option button from a range of small to large to change the size of the text on the floor plan. The Text Size option button range is 10, 12, 14, and 16. 
  2. Click the Allow Text Overlap toggle to ON to let the text overlap on the floor plan. When this setting is off then the text will truncate and an ellipsis will display.
  1. By default the Text Halo toggle is ON which outlines the floor plan text with a white glow, making text easier to read against various background colors and polylines. 
  2. From the Show drop-down, select either DefaultDescriptionDescription and PeopleDescription and TypeNameName and People, or None.


Manage AutoCAD Layers

The AutoCAD layers feature allows you to toggle on and off the display of different CAD layers such as Furniture, Fixtures, Mechanical, etc.

  1. Click the CAD Layers Layer_Button.jpg  icon. The Manage CAD Layers panel displays and the load time will depend on the amount of AutoCAD layers that need to be loaded.
  2. To change the visibility of a layer click the hide clipboard_e5933df0565acf2126c9a3d0c02a4e233.png icon or click the the show clipboard_e3c5c2f892c09b9f1faf87363b5e9ac53.png icon.