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View the Receiving Queue

The Receiving Queue screen lists all packages that have not yet been delivered, including all Inbound and Interoffice packages that have been checked-in to the application. Each time a recipient signs for a package, a timestamp is created and the package is removed from the Receiving Queue and saved to history.

  1. Navigate to Mail > Receiving Queue.
  2. If you have more than one center, you can change the the center, from the Center drop-down, select the center.


The Receiving  Queue displays general information displays for each mail item, including the sender, recipient, date received, etc.

From the this screen, you can:

Search for an Item

To locate a specific item, in the Search field, enter the tracking number. Mail items matching the search criteria display automatically in the Results section.

Mail Item Icons

The mail items icons determine whether a mail item is Inbound or Interoffice.

View a Mail Item

You can view detailed information for a mail item, such as the route, room where the item will be delivered, and comments.

  1. Click on the mail item. The Mail Item displays.


  1. To print a print a barcode label for interoffice packages, click the Barcode Labels button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

The Barcode Label Selection screen displays, where barcodes can be printed.

Edit a Mail Item

You can perform the following functions on this screen. 

  • Add comments about the package delivery process - In the Comments field, enter a comment and then click the Add button. Customers can view these comments.

  • Edit package information - Click the Edit button. After making changes, click Apply to save the changes, then click OK to exit. You can even edit the recipient when in edit mode by clicking the pencil and paper icon and selecting a new recipient.

  • Print a label for the package - Click Actions drop-down and then click the Print Label option from the sub-menu.

  • Print general package information - Click Actions drop-down and then click the Print Page from the sub-menu.

  • Transfer the package to the recipient's center - Click the Actions drop-down and selecting the + (Transfer) option. If you determine that a package cannot be delivered (in case the package is addressed to the company name or is addressed to a former employee), you can transfer the package from the Receiving Queue to a Pending Queue

  • View custom fields defined for the recipient, such as the recipient's detailed location, special needs, access requirements, ect. - Hover the mouse cursor over the Information clipboard_e1170aa02b1de4487e508d8bdbd44d569.png icon to the right of the recipient name.

  • View the courier's tracking history for a package. Click the Tracking clipboard_e418e6b89b5f945dc5587c5c7e41b4a89.png  icon next to the tracking number. The courier's tracking website displays in a separate window. This feature is currently available for DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS.