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Eptura Knowledge Center

Edit Asset Preferences

Allows you to customize various aspects of end users’ interactions with the Asset module.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Asset Preferences.

The Preferences screen displays.



  1. Check the Monthly Labor Cost Tracking checkbox to turn on Monthly Labor Costs Tracking.
    • In the Monthly Labor Costs field, enter the cost.


  1. Check the Meter Read Collection by Contact Types checkbox to allow contact person collect meter read for the assets assigned to them.
    1. From the Contact Type, select the contact responsible for the collecting the meter reads.
    2. In the Login as field, enter the user.
    3. In the From Email field, enter the email address.
    4. In the Email Body field, enter the email message.
    5. From the Calendar picker select the last dispatch date.
    6. Click the Dispatch button to dispatch the emails to all the contacts types selected in the Contact Type dropdown.


  1. Click the Apply button.