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Understand the Service Request Workflow

When your Service Request is submitted it will be dispatched and then moved through statuses as it is worked on until completion. The workflow is detailed in the diagram below.


  1. The Service Request is submitted into the Request Queue. The Status displays Dispatched.
  2. The Operator will be assigned to the Service Request and they have the option to either Accept or Reject the request.
    • Accept - When the request is accepted, the status updates to Accepted and Operator status as Assigned.
    • Reject - This displays the Operator status as Rejected.
    • Remove - This will remove the Operator from the ticket.
  3. When the Operator starts work on the service request then the status updates to In Progress.
    • If the Operator needs to they can put the service request on hold and the status updates to On Hold. When the service request is ready to be worked on the Operator can continue the work.
  4. When the Operator completes the service request they can enter the resolution.
  5. Finally, the the service request can be archived.