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Eptura Knowledge Center

View the Visitor Queue

The Visitor Queue section allows you to view all of the visitors currently in your module. It contains four separate tabs:

  • Lobby
  • Preregistered
  • Sign Out
  • Show All

Lobby tab

The Lobby tab contains a list of visitors that are currently available. In this tab, you may select a specific visitor to:

  • Check-In
  • Re-Schedule
  • Delete


Checking in a visitor is as simple as clicking the Check-In button for the specific visitor you want to check-in.

If you want to reschedule a visit for a specific visitor, simply click the Re-Schedule button in the drop down menu next to Edit Visitor.



Enter the updated date and time in the Reschedule screen, and click the Update button. However, if you do not want to reschedule, simply click the Cancel button to cancel the rescheduling. 



Preregistered tab

Any visitors that have been pre-registered are listed in this tab. This tab allows you to update the status of your visitors: 

  • Check-In
  • Re-Schedule
  • Delete


Sign Out tab

The Sign-Out tab allows you to check out any visitors that you have previously checked in and only has a single button available: Check-Out.  

  • In order to sign-out a visitor, simply select your visitor and click the Check-Out button. 


Show All tab

The Show All tab allows you to see the status of all visitors currently entered in your Visitors module. You can see anything from notes about a visitor to any alerts to let you know about any special circumstances surrounding this visitor (e.g. VIP).