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December Updates to Insights

New buttons have been added to the Insights module to allow you to display a report in a full-screen view and refresh report results, increasing the viewing area and providing you with real-time reporting data. To enter full-screen mode, simply click the new Enter Fullscreen button. The sidebar is hidden, creating a larger viewing area for the report. When you are finished viewing the report, you can easily return to the normal display by clicking the Exit Fullscreen button.

Full screen and refresh - insights.gif

With this enhancement, a new Refresh button is also available, allowing you to refresh the data displayed onscreen with few clicks. To refresh report data, click the Drop-Down icon - Insights.png (Drop Down) button to the right of the Enter/Exit Fullscreen button, and then click the Refresh button to refresh the report.

These minor enhancements allow you to view real-time statistics using the entire display area, which can be particularly helpful when viewing large reports on a small screen. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to