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Using Space Desktop in Admin Mode

The Space Desktop can be switched so you can use it in Admin Mode where your Administrator and Space Planner can maintain and manage the following areas.

Manage Floor Plans

Initially floor plans are imported with the Implementation team and the SoftSpace for AutoCAD Plug-in will be used when you need to update a floor plan. However if your are not using the SoftSpace Plugin, then you will need to manually manage your drawings on your own internal storage or server and then manually load the drawing.

Maintain your Floor

After your floor plans have been uploaded, you can now set up the floor. This is where you can complete the following:

Maintain your Spaces

The spaces on your floor plan are defined by the Space Types, it is important to familiarize yourself with the types of spaces your organization uses. Learn more in Add, Edit, or Delete Space Types.

Your Administrator or Space Planner can update the space details such as capacity, reservable, or an image of the space. Learn more in Update Space Details in Space Desktop.

Maintain your Seating

Eptura Workplace gives you seating options to create different seating styles for your employees. Learn about the Seat Classifications and how you can provide either assigned (fixed) seating for your employees or flexible seating using a neighborhood.