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Eptura Workplace Navigation

Depending on your security settings and the module that have been licensed for use, not all menu items will be available.

Learn more about the:

  • Global Navigation
  • Menu Expand and Collapsed
  • Navigation Menu

Global Navigation

The global navigation consists of the following:

Item Description

Your company logo.

You can update the placeholder logo with your company's logo, see Global Preferences Admin.

clipboard_e7a0a5bb7d3cdb8f77a7a652dc1439747.png Click the Idea Submission icon to display the Eptura Workplace Roadmap & Idea Portal.
clipboard_e7ece2b161b495b36293173a0b1db73de.png Click the Support icon to display the Eptura Workplace Support - Ask Us Anything widget.
clipboard_e754df486fb40c30789b874c98feac689.png Click the Notifications icon to displays the latest links to the release notes.

Click you profile initial's icon to display the sub-menu which contains:

  • Profile - Learn more in Update your Profile.
  • Preferences - Learn more in Change your Preferences.
  • Help - This takes you to the Eptura Workplace Knowledge Center.
  • Log out - This logs you out of Eptura Workplace.

Menu Expand and Collapse

The default menu displays collapsed and when you click on an menu item the menu expands.


Navigation Menu

The menu consists of:

Name Description
Asset Track location, contract terms, and ongoing maintenance of tangible assets in real-time. From printers to copiers, fire extinguishers to coffee makers, the Asset module can be used to track data for each asset.
Copy Effectively manage centralized copy production, no matter how complex.
Directory Use the Directory module to quickly search for and locate a user.
Insights The Insights module provides accurate and real-time reporting information about your facility and its usage.
Inventory Track items required for service delivery as well as orders and quantities of important office supplies.
Mail Create full accountability for mail, from receipt to delivery to recipient.
Move Seamlessly coordinate employee and asset moves, consolidations, or expansions with minimal disruption.
Reservations Reservation module provides the ability to create reservations for spaces such as desks, workstations, meeting rooms, and conference rooms. 
Service Request Coordinate on-demand and preventive maintenance tasks in real-time. The Service Request module allows you to manage a wide range of facility service requests, such as repair notifications, equipment installations, and general maintenance activities.
Space This provides you with accurate, real-time information about your facility space and its usage. Using detailed floor plans and comprehensive room information, such as room type, square footage, occupant name, and so on, you can see how your space is being used and manage your available space more efficiently. Also, this module works in conjunction with the Move module to coordinate employee moves, onboarding, and offboarding.
Visitor This allows you to efficiently schedule and track visitors to your facility from check-in to departure.
Admin The Admin module can be used by the Site Administrators to configure your Eptura Workplace instance/site and to modify the various setting for the Eptura Workplace modules.