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Report Updates for March

We have added multiple fields and measures to the Insights module this month, providing you with access to additional data when creating reports in iOFFICE.

Refer to the following list for information on the new fields and measures available in the Insights module. 

  • The Agreement Additional Info field set is being added to the Space (Rooms) and Asset domains, allowing you to pull agreement information into your Space and Asset reports.

    Agreements Additional Info.png

    Note: These new field sets will be available in the next two weeks.
  • The complete Owner field set is now available in the Asset domain, including the Company, Department, Job Title and Custom01-09 fields, providing you with more specific information about your asset owners.

    Owner fields.png
  • The Company field has been added to the Visitor domain, allowing you to view company information on your visitor reports.

    New Visitor field.png
  • The Delivered By field has been added to the Mail Items domain, allowing you to create reports listing the operator responsible for delivering each package.

    Delivered By in Mail Items.png
  • The Minutes Open, Minutes Waiting, and Minutes in Progress measures have been added to the Service Request History domain, allowing you to gain insight into your service request response efficiency using these performance metrics.

    SR History Measures.png
  • All file room fields have been added to the File Room domain.

    File Room.png

Using these new fields and measures, you can dive deeper into various aspects of your module-specific data. You can then use the new information to identify inefficiencies and improve facility processes. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to