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Inventory Administration

Level: Administrator

To make administrative changes in the Inventory module, you need to have appropriate permissions.

  • Navigate to Admin > Inventory and the Inventory menu displays.

The Inventory menu lets you navigate to the following:

The Inventory Module has several preferences that can be set up and we recommend you review and set up the preferences for your organization:

  • Allow alerts and then set email notifications for the following:
    • Low Inventory Message
    • Order Submission Header
    • Order Completion Header
    • Order Cancellation Header
  • Allow inventory to be shared across centers.
  • Show inventory item pricing for inventory orders. Note: Prices are always available to operators and administrators.
  • Require validation of order reference number.
  • Show inventory item available quantity for inventory orders. Note: Available quantities are always displayed to operators and administrators.

Learn  more in Edit Inventory Preferences.

If you have a particular order or want fields to be hidden then you can customize the layout of the Inventory Queue Layout. Learn more in Customize Inventory Module.