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Add Assets Using Asset ID

A new option is available in the Asset Manager app to allow you to add new assets using an asset ID as an identifier rather than a serial number. While serial numbers are useful for tracking electronic items, such as computers and printers, you might want to track assets such as desks and chairs using an asset ID since these items do not typically have unique serial numbers. To add an asset using an asset ID, simply tap the Asset ID option on the Asset Scan screen prior to scanning the barcode or QR code associated with the asset.

New Asset ID option - Asset app.png

When the asset is added, the code entered for the asset displays in the Asset ID field rather than the Serial Number field. Alternatively, if you need to enter an item using a serial number, tap the Serial Number option prior to scanning to return to the default mode.

Note: The names of the Serial Number and Asset ID options can vary based on the field names defined for your specific site.

The new Asset ID option can save time by eliminating the need to transfer the scanned code to the Asset ID field manually, increasing efficiency when adding assets using the Asset Manager app. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to