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Recent Space Desktop Enhancements - 2019 February

Multiple updates have been made to the Space Desktop to provide you with additional features and a more intuitive user experience. The most noticeable update is the new color schemes available on this screen, which have been updated to better reflect the iOFFICE brand. In addition to this change, we have added new options for reserving spaces directly from the Space Desktop and improved the search functionality to help you locate spaces more easily. These enhancements increase consistency between the Space Desktop and the Hummingbird app, which we hope will lead to a more streamlined employee experience.

Refer to the following list for more information on the recent changes.

  • New Color Schemes. We have updated the color scheme and legend available on the Space Desktop to be more intuitive and provide additional information about your space. Using the updated legend in the Information view, you can now toggle between viewing occupancy and space type information for each floor, allowing you to view your current occupancy and space type assignments using the same, centralized tool.

    View Space Types - Occupancy.gif

    This enhancement provides you with more detailed visual data about each floor and how each space on the floor is being utilized. 
  • Reserve Space options. You can now reserve spaces directly from the Space Desktop screen. When a reservable space is selected on this screen, a new Create Reservation button is available, allowing you to quickly access the Reservations module and reserve the selected space. 

    Reserve Space - Space Desktop.gif

    This feature allows you to book a space in a manner consistent with how spaces are booked in the Hummingbird app, increasing consistency across the mobile and desktop applications.
  • Improved search feature. On a minor note, the search functionality on the Space Desktop has been improved to provide more inclusive results when searching for spaces. For example, a search now returns results for any word contained in the name. We hope this small improvement will help you locate spaces in your building more easily.

    Improved Search Results - Hummingbird-Space.png

These new features increase the versatility of the Space Desktop and build the foundation for even more exciting features to come. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to