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Eptura Knowledge Center

Access the Mail Module

Quickly navigate to the Mail module from the Home screen either:

  • click the Mail tile to go directly to Mail Desktop.
  • from the menu select Mail. This module let's you access:
    • Mail Desktop - Displays a list of functions available in the Mail module. The Mail Manager section displayed on the right-hand side of this screen lists user packages received in the mail center, both undelivered and delivered.
    • Check In - Use this to check-in mail items when the items arrive at the mail center. Items must be checked-in before the items can be delivered.
    • Receiving Queue - Displays all Inbound and Interoffice packages that have been checked-in to the Mail module but have not yet been delivered.
    • Receiving Manifest - Displays the number of checked-in packages for each delivery route. This view is typically used when mobile devices are not employed for signature capture.
    • Check Out - Use this to create check out packages that are ready to be sent off site. Packages checked out on this screen are added to shipping manifests based on route.
    • Shipping Queue - Lists all Outbound packages that have been checked-in for tracking. Package information, including the date and time when the package was checked-in, the tracking number for the package, and the date and time the package is checked out, displays on this screen.
    • Shipping Manifest - Use this to view, print, reassign, and close shipping manifests used to obtain signatures from couriers taking packages off site.
    • Misc. Volumes - Use this to track bulk item that need to be included in monthly activity reports. These customized categories may include mail volumes, postage costs, and PC shipments.
    • Mail Delivery Pickup - Use this to capture signatures when customers pick up mail items at the mail center.
    • Package Alerts - Use this to add and maintain package alerts, which are used to alert operators to urgent packages.
    • Search - Use this to locate Inbound, Interoffice or Outbound mail items saved to history.