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Mail Kiosk

This guide provides an overview of the Mail Kiosk and workflow. The majority of our clients use this in a University setting to help the process packages. This is set up during implementation, the parsing logic for the student's id is programmed by the data team for each university's unique card type.

Process a Package

The typical process for the package pickup through the kiosk is:

  1. The student would go to the kiosk, and then swipe, scan, or type in their id number.
  2. Afterward, they would tap on the Pickup Now button on the Mail Pickup Kiosk view which is usually displayed on a Microsoft Surface Pro.
  3. The student's name will then display on another monitor that is displaying the Kiosk Monitor (Standalone) view.
  4. At the same time on the Kiosk Monitor (Operator) view would display the student's name, and a sound will play notifying the mail personnel. 
  5. The mail personnel would then tap or click on their operator view which highlights the package in green. This signifies that the package is being retrieved by one of the mail personnel.
  6. The package is then signed for on the mail delivery pickup screen.
  7. After the package is signed for it will be removed from the Mail Kiosk views.

Occasionally a student will leave the line and not pick up their package. When this happens the package will drop off of the kiosk views after 60 minutes, or the packages can also be removed from the Manager view.

Mail Pickup Kiosk

This is the view that the actual kiosk has, a student can swipe, scan, or type in their id number to retrieve their package.


Kiosk Monitor (Standalone)

Used as a display so students can see their spot in line.


Kiosk Monitor (Operator)

This view is used so operators can flag packages that are being picked up and print labels.


Kiosk Monitor (Manager)

This view is used to show students who have not picked up their packages in time, they can be removed from the standalone and operator view.


The mail kiosk is a great way to process packages in a University setting and can be implemented with any site using the mail module.