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Eptura Knowledge Center

View Asset Agreements

The Agreements screen displays the contracts and addenda in the database and allows you to update information. Agreements will only show the level of detail entered into the database. This allows for customized functionality. Locations can enter as much or as little information (beyond the required fields) based on their needs. 

  1. Navigate to Asset > Agreements. The Agreements screen Displays.


This screen allows viewing and sorting of all contracts and addenda. You can organize the information in different ways.

Quick Search

  1. Click the the Quick Search button to find specific types of assets based on categories such as Agreement Number, Contract Type, Machine Serial Number, etc.

  2. From the Code drop-down, select either Code, Name, or Type: Name.

  3. From the Contains drop-down, select either Contains, Do Not Contain, Equals, or Does Not Equal.

  4. In the search field, enter the search term.

  5. Click the New  Filter.

Frequent Searches

Save frequently used custom searches and these will display nex to the Quick Search button.

  1. Click the Add Searches button to add a new search or edit an existing search. 

View an Agreement

  1. For the agreement you want to view the details or addendum, click the View under the Actions column. The Agreement dialog displays.


  1. If the list of agreements exceeds a single page, use the More button to navigate to additional pages.