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Eptura Knowledge Center

Add or Edit Miscellaneous Volumes

The Miscellaneous Volumes category is used to track bulk items that need to be included in monthly activity reports. These customized categories may include mail volumes, postage costs, and PC shipments.

Add Volumes

To add daily totals, complete the following:

  1. Navigate to Mail > Misc Volumes. The Misc. Volumes screen displays and it defaults to the current date.

  2. If your location has multiple mail centers, select other centers using the drop-down menu.

  3. From the Input Date, click the calendar clipboard_e6d8c59762d0f60260436e453e396d067.png icon and select the date.

  4. In the Units field, enter the quantity of units processed

  5. In the Notes field, enter any applicable notes.

  6. After all numbers are entered, click the Add button. The totals will now show in the Total Units column and the Units column will reset to 0.00.


Edit Volumes

  1. Click the Edit button to edit already entered volumes for the current day.

  2. Click the Update button.


As the day progresses, record any additional volume by repeating the above steps. The Total Units column will be updated with new totals.