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Edit Copy Custom Fields

Level: Administrator

The Customize Fields screen is used to import validation data or update the custom fields for the Copy module.

If you are not currently using the Copy module but maintain custom fields in the Directory or for the Mail, Move, Space, or Visitor module, you now maintain these fields with existing user fields in the Set up User Fields.

Use the following procedure to update field information, including the field label, type, and maximum length, or import validation data. 


Edit a Copy Custom Field

  1. Navigate to Admin >  Copy >  Customize Fields. The Customize Fields screen displays.


  1. For the field you want to edit, click the Edit link.


  1. The Edit Custom Field screen displays, where you can update the following information for the fields.

  • Label
  • Field Type
  • Data Type
  • Max Length
  • Active
  • Chargeback Code
  • Validate Against
  • Validate Module
  1. Click the Update button.