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Additional Hummingbird Updates

We made a couple of minor changes to improve usability in the Hummingbird app and the Hummingbird plugin. When viewing a floor plan in 3D mode, the floor plan orientation is now retained across floors in the Hummingbird app. Suppose you always want to view the first floor in Building A from a certain orientation. When you make the floor plan 3D and rotate it to the orientation you want, the selected orientation is retained for all floors in the building. This new functionality allows employees to define the orientation in a way that is most helpful to them.

retain 3d setting.gif

In an unrelated change, we have updated the way space locations display in the Hummingbird Outlook plugin. Previously, when a space resource was selected in the app, the Location field would display the building name, floor number, and room name. Now, this field displays the room's description and room name/number, which is more helpful when trying to differentiate between multiple rooms of the same type. 

Update description - Hummingbird plugin.gif

These new features increase consistency for employees using the Hummingbird app and provide additional detail to employees using the Hummingbird plugin. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to